I’m In

Available Flyers!

Flyers featuring Marvin, Sarah, and Douglas are available for your use. They are provided below in letter and tabloid paper sizes as well as quartered letter sheets.

Here are links to PDF files without bleed and cut marks. If you would like files prepared another way, please contact us and we’ll send them to you.

Letter – TabloidQuarter


I’m in the lane next to you enjoying the ride.

I’m in the house three doors down from you.

I’m in your church singing the same hymn as you. I’m in recovery.


I’m in your gym class kicking serious butt three times a week.

I’m in line waiting to get into the same concert as you.

I’m in your volunteer group. I’m in recovery.

Douglas & Lynn

I’m in your town square.

I’m two seats down from you laughing out loud at the local movie theater.

I’m in your early morning yoga class. I’m in recovery.

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